Savvy Snacks™

Savvy Snacks™: a program that incorporates evidenced-based therapy to introduce healthy food to young children who are otherwise considered "picky eaters." The program is offered in daycare facilities, nursery schools and pre-k programs and takes place once a week during snack time.

Ingrid R. Lucas, MS CCC-SLP has incorporated her prestigious education and comprehensive clinical background to create Savvy Snacks™ . This inventive program is aimed at guiding finicky eaters to expand their nutritional palate. The program offers creative food preparation and, if needed, therapeutic intervention in group or private sessions. Progress through a ten-step process is reported each week to parents using the Savvy Snacks Report Card. The Report Card will also guide parents through continuing the program at home.

Savvy Snacks™ offers three program options:

Picky Eater Group Sessions
$15.00 per child - one day/week

Savvy Snacks™ are prepared for a group of classmates to introduce new food options using a fun presentation. Evidence-based, therepeutic intervention is offered in a group session. Each child's progress will be reported to parents with the Savvy Snacks™ Report Card.

Food Program
$5.00 per child - one day/week.

Fun, nutritional, & healthy Savvy Snacks™ are prepared for your child to enjoy independently. Individualized report card and nutritional education provided.

Picky Eater Private Sessions - one day/week

A one-on-one session using a fun presentation and a gentle Savvy Snacks™ 10-step program to address your child's apprehensions about food. This methodical approach which progresses at your child's pace will introduce healthy food into the diet. Progress will be reported after each session with the Savvy Snacks™ Report Card. Pricing plans for private sessions are based on need; a variety of insurance plans are accepted.