Success Stories

Eve Pastorello: Apraxia

Eve is a child who came to us when she just turned 3 years old. She had no use of true words, all of her speech output was jargon. It was discovered Eve has a diagnosis of apraxia, a muscle coordination issue causing a severe articulation delay. The discovery of her apraxia led to a different approach for her treatment plan to improve speech intelligibility. Eve was becoming more frustrated and demonstrating increased tantrums due to her inability to effectively communicate.

Progressing through the prescribed treatment protocol was difficult and frustrating for Eve until she related the change in sound with the various mouth movements; such as silly faces, blowing bubbles and other non-speech related movement therapies. Once the connection was made, Eve's ability to articulate grew exponentially.

After a year of frequent and intensive speech therapy which included more frequent, shorter sessions to avoid frustration; Eve now speaks in full sentences. Family members and her peers understand most of her speech and her social abilities have grown with her new sense of confidence in communication. Eve’s speech has improved her behavior and friendships with family and children at school.